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Mini Training

Each month we answer questions from YOU!

The video format will vary month to month depending on the needs of The Club Members.


To submit a question, click HERE. We will answer your questions in Q&A vids that will be posted on this page!

If you’re interested in signing up for a 1-on-1 mini training session with Rachel and Jessica, fill out this form here: 15 Minute Mini Training Sign Up Form

Your 1-on-1 mini training session will be recorded and shared in The Club, as our goal is to offer assistance to those with similar challenges!

September Training Videos

Jaime Rivetts, social learning expert, who was interviewed on The Sensory Project Show, chatted with Rachel for her Membership Group. They discussed how to incorporate movement into everyday activities after transitioning back to school!

Teaching some simple tips and tricks to help with dressing skills!

Simple ways to incorporate proprioceptive based tasks into daily routines, as well as upper body strengthening exercises!

Navigating the challenges of parenting siblings with different needs!

Activities, suggestions, and strategies to prepare your child for kindergarten!