who we are

If you had asked us 3 years ago what we would be doing today, neither of us would have said “podcasting and running a website.”

We (Rachel and Jessica) are both Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants (COTA) and we’ve been working with children for 5+ years in outpatient settings.

In July 2018, we decided to reach more people and we started a podcast - The Sensory Project Show - in hopes that we could help more children and families. It started as a hobby - something we both loved doing in our spare time!

But then, our audience grew! People were asking us questions daily and we realized we needed to do more! So, we did a little research and BOOM! The Sensory Project Club was born!

The rest is history ;)

Our Mission

We’re here to educate, empower and advocate for you and your unique child.

We’re giving you the tools to help your child be successful in every environment.

We’re sharing the latest research, our favorite strategies, and the most beneficial resources.

“These expert ladies are an answer to my prayers!! They help my family and I better understand my three year olds diagnosis and keep things light and less scary!! I drive far to work so it’s hard to read during the work week, these podcasts are perfect so I can learn how to be a better mom to my little guy! Thank you for all that you do!!”
— MomandE

Wanna join us?

You’ll receive:

  • Activities, Crafts, and Exercise Recommendations

  • Sensory Strategies and Downloads

  • Recommendations for Products and Books

  • Blog Posts from Expert Professionals and Other Parents

  • 15 Minute Mini Training Videos

  • Discounts on Sensory Products

A quick note:

This website is run by All Things Sensory, LLC, and is not responsible for any injuries or damages incurred / caused while utilizing activities, exercises, or resources provided.

This website and all of it’s content is not to be used in place of therapy (Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, etc.). It is also not to be used as medical advice.

The content provided to it’s members it to be used solely for the individual and is not to be re-sold to a third party.

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